Project: Logo Design, Flyer Design, Business Card Design, Company Branding, Social Media Set up

Client: Verify Consulting Inc.

MEDIA HATT DESIGNS provides Verify Consulting Inc. various advertising items including a custom logo, business cards, a custom website with monthly maintenance, consulting on advertising options, social media(coming soon), brochures and flyer design with full mail distribution. (coming soon).

Very well organised and executed. Overall the experience was positive with all the design development to the extra help setting up my business.

Thanks Jeanni for all your help! 

Outstanding work!

Juliette Fraser

Owner, Verify Consulting Inc.

*NOTE: some clients have website design work done by Media Hatt designs & some *only* have social networking and/or printed design work done. With that in mind, not all web developments and platforms are created and maintained by Media Hatt and not all current clients are recent or updated frequently by Media Hatt Designs.