Project: Social Media, Custom Posts and Graphics, Logo Design

Client: Purely Oils

Purely Oils is essential oils business located in Alberta.

MEDIA HATT DESIGNS provides Purely Oils with design and social media setup/maintenance.

The day I got an answer to my ad for an experienced internet assistant I got really excited. Jeanni  Hatt from Media Hatt designs had responded to my ad and was really to go to work on my facebook page for essential oils. We set up a meeting and by the time Jeanni and me we finished our meeting she had inspired me with what was possible but also what was realistic.

Now I don’t know anything about creating graphics or how to set up things that work on the internet so I was more than pleased to find that Jeanni could do this very well.  Jeanni is very professional and runs her business Media Hatt Designs professionally.

She developed a contract for the work she would do for me based on what we had discussed  initially and was very flexible when I asked her to work with me on my website , she  has made it very appealing and functional.

I can recommend Jeanni for her skill sets, her professionalism, her insight and her willingness to go beyond the call of duty to make the internet work for my essential oil business.

Doris Wakefield

Essential Oils Consultant, Purely Oils

*NOTE: some clients have website design work done by Media Hatt designs & some *only* have social networking and/or printed design work done. With that in mind, not all web developments and platforms are created and maintained by Media Hatt and not all current clients are recent or updated frequently by Media Hatt Designs.